Most of these games require 2 - 4 players.


TEXAS SCRAMBLE (Shamble):  Four Person - Each player hits his drive, the team decides which drive to use and all players hit from that spot, each player will now play his own ball out and the best one ball of the four players is the team score for that hole. Each golfers drive must be used a minimum of three times.

CHICAGO: The object is to score more points than your point objective.  This is calculated by subtracting your handicap from 36.  Each player plays their own ball.  Holes are scored as follows: (Double Eagle - 5 Points) (Eagle - 4 Points) (Birdie - 3 Points)
(Par - 2 Points) (Bogey - 1 Point) (All Others - 0).  (Individual In flight)

TWO MAN PINEHURST:  Partners each play their own ball from the tee.  Then each plays their partners ball.  After the second shot, the partners select the ball with which they wish to score and play that ball in alternate shots to complete the hole.  Record final score of team ball.

LOW BALL:  Two, three, or four players on a team.  Each plays his own ball and the lowest score recorded on each hole counts as the team score for the hole.  Although both players play their own ball, only the lowest score on each hole is counted.

ODDS AND EVENS:  Four man team.  Each player hits his own ball.  On the odd holes only the best score is recorded.  On the even holes the best two scores are recorded.

IRISH FOUR BALL:  Four man team.   Each player plays his own ball.  The scoring is as follows.  Holes 1-6:  One low ball.  Holes 7-11:  Two low balls.  Holes 12-15:  Three low balls.  Holes 16-18:  All four balls score.

BLIND BOGEY:  Everyone tees off, plays their own ball and completes their round.  The tournament directors randomly select six holes, and each golfer’s scores on those six randomly chosen holes are thrown out.  The 12 holes remaining on your scorecard are added up, and that’s your score.  Low score wins.

1-2-3 BEST BALL:  Competition format for 4-person teams.  Each player on the team plays his own ball throughout the round.  On each hole, a predetermined number of the lower scores are used.  One the first hole, the lowest score among the four player’s counts as the team score.  On the second hole, the two lowest scores become the team score.  On the third hole, the three lowest scores become the team score.  On the fourth hole, it’s back to the one lowest score, and so on throughout the round.

GOLD-WHITE-RED:  Each player will play his own ball.  They will play six holes from each color tee.  The order of play will be holes one through six from the gold tees, holes seven through twelve from the white tees and holes thirteen through eighteen from the red tees.  The red tee on the eighteenth hole will be used, not the silver.  The lowest individual score on each hole will be the team score.

DEVIL BALL:  This is a game of strategy as well as skill.  In this game one ball is used to record the team’s score. (Color of ball to be determined)  The team must decide the order of play (Example - who will play hole #1, hole #2 and so on.  The person who plays hole #1 would then play holes 1, 5, 9, & 13 with the colored ball).  Once the order of play has been established it must remain constant.  Although everyone is playing alone the only score that is counted and recorded is the colored ball, once the colored ball is lost the scoring for that team ceases and the team is out of the competition.  When you turn in your score card you must also turn in the colored ball.  (Note: You will be issued the colored ball)

ELIMINATOR:  Each player plays his own ball.  After you have played four holes you pick one score from each player and assign it to a specific hole.  (Note: You may not use any players score more then once per four holes). You repeat this procedure for the remaining holes.  On holes seventeen and eighteen use any two players score, but not more then once.  Lowest posted eighteen hole score is the winner.

T/E/N:  In this game everyone plays their own ball.  The only scores that are counted are the ones that the hole number begins with either a T E or N.  (Example:  T = Holes #2-3- 10-12-13,  E = 8-11-18,  N = 9).  The total score of these nine holes will be your score.