Hole #3

The third hole at Legends Country Club is a dogleg left, reachable par 5, guarded by out of bounds left and right of the fairway and very close to the left side of the green. The tee shot is downhill so you must decide whether or not to try and carry the two trees guarding the middle of the fairway. A solid tee shot will leave you a second shot in the 125yd - 175yd range. If you decide to lay up, you must be sure to hit the middle of the chute of trees guarding the green or you will not have a clear view for your 3rd shot.


Like most of the front 9, hole #3 wanders through a residential area marked with out of bounds stakes.


Hole Handicap - 13

Blue 450 yds - White 435 yds - Gold 330 yds - Red 326 yds


#3 Tee

#3 Fairway

#3 Green