Hole #8

The eighth hole at Legends Country Club is a short, but difficult par 4. You can drive the green with a good tee shot but must carry it all of 275 yds to clear the out of bounds that protects the left side of the fairway, the tree that guards the short right area of the green, and the pond that protects the area just short of the green. If you decide not to go for the green and just play it safe, there is out of bounds protecting the whole right side of the fairway. If you aren't careful, you can hit it through the fairway, into the street, which is also out of bounds.


Hole Handicap - 5

Blue 297 yds - White 281 yds - Gold 270 yds - Red 260 yds


#8 Tee

#8 Green

#8 Tee from fairway